Rules for entering
the Russian Federation


Step 1

Fill out the form Application for admission

Send by e-mail to

The following documents:

  • A scanned copy of the completed form;
  • A scanned copy of a foreign passport in the native language (PLEASE NOTE: there must be at least 1.5 years before the expiration date of the passport);
  • A scanned copy of a notarized translation of a foreign passport into Russian.

Step 2

Determine if you need a visa to enter the Russian Federation (Yes/No)

(Yes) VISA. To enter the Russian Federation, foreign citizens must obtain a STUDY visa.

A visa is issued on the basis of an official visa invitation, which is issued by the Directorate-General for Migration of Russia.

To issue an official Invitation, you need:

Send the following documents by e-mail to

  • An application for issuing a visa invitation, where to indicate the city of obtaining a visa in your country of residence;
  • A scanned copy of a previously issued visa to the Russian Federation (if available).

Your Invitation will be ready within 45 calendar days.


Step 3

Pass the required medical examination (valid for 3 months).

At least 10 working days in advance, notify the office of foreign students by email about the date of entry into the Russian Federation and the border crossing point, in order to enter you into the database of lists for crossing the border on the State Service portal.

Send a copy of the ticket by email. E-mail to arrange a meeting. Wait for the email to inform you that you have been added to the list to cross the border.

When crossing the border, indicate on the migration card the purpose of entry - STUDY.


Step 4

Not earlier than 3 calendar days prior to arrival in Russia, it is necessary to do a PCR test for COVID-19 and, if the result is negative, receive an appropriate document in Russian or English in your country.

Within 72 hours after entering the territory of Russia, foreign students must pass a second PCR test. Until the results of the test are received, it is necessary to observe the regime of self-isolation at the place of residence.

Within 2 days after arrival, it is necessary to submit documents (passport, migration card) to the auditorium. 230 / to an employee of the Office of Foreign Students, for migration registration at a temporary place of residence.

If a foreign citizen travels in transit to Khabarovsk, then the date of arrival in Khabarovsk is confirmed by a copy of the ticket and boarding pass.

Step 5

Extending the period of stay in the Russian Federation:

VISA. The student is obliged to submit to the International Department (room 230) 30 working days before the expiration of the single-entry visa, documents: passport, migration card, notice of registration for temporary stay (registration for m/residence), study agreement, photo 3х4 (1 pc), receipt of paid state duty.

VISA FREE. The student is obliged to submit to the International Department 30 working days before the end of the stay (stamp in the migration card), documents: passport, migration card, notice of registration for temporary stay (registration for m/residence), training agreement.

All foreign citizens arriving in the Russian Federation from 2022, within 90 days from the date of crossing the border, must undergo mandatory fingerprint registration at the territorial unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of stay. To pass, foreign citizens are required to have a medical examination, passport, migration card, notice of registration at the place of stay, a copy of the passport (1 page), a copy of the migration card.

For questions about issuing a visa invitation, migration registration and extending a visa (stay) in the Russian Federation, please contact the International Department (room 230):   Tel. 8(4212) 407-462