Entry rules


Features of the admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons are regulated by Chapter XIII of the Admission Rules of the Far Eastern State Transport University.


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The rules and deadlines for admission are published by the admissions committee of the FESTU - an active link to the current information - Link

Documents for admission - active link - Link

If you have any questions about the procedure for entering the Russian Federation, about settling in a dormitory and about medical insurance, write to the office of foreign students of FESTU ois@festu.khv.ru.

Selection of foreign citizens to study in Russia within the quota

Foreign citizens can send documents for participating in admission tests to office of the Rossotrudnichestvo. If there is no such office foreign citizens can send documents to diplomatic mission of Russian Federation. Documents are sent via electronic form of document’s collection on Link

How it works

Quota competition for studying on middle, higher and additional professional education considers 2 stages.

At first stage applicants are selected by commission of Russia’s embassy in country of nationality, at the second stage documents of approved candidates will be sent to Russia’s Ministry of education, where they get to universities which will take a final decision about applicants.

For participating in competition you should sign in system “Future in Russia”.

At the second stage documents of applications are send to universities, you can check the status on website russia-edu.ru using the dossier number

Contacts of all offices of Rossotrudnichestvo you can find on Link

If your country has no such office, its functions are performed by diplomatic mission or embassies of Russian Federation.

You can find contacts on website Ministry of foreign affairs of Russian Federation Link

We draw your attention that You need to contact a Russian foreign institution on the territory of the country of which you are a citizen, regardless of your location.

In order to enter the preparatory department, when filling out the questionnaire, it is necessary to indicate that you do not know the Russian language and need preliminary preparation.